Porch addition drawing

Hello, I’m drawing a screened porch addition attached to an existing home. I would like to show the existing structure in a lighter color/grey line, so the elevations and section ect. of the new work with black lines stand out more.

I have tried selecting the lines I want grey in sketchup and tagging them, then changing the line color in LO but I can’t see if I’ve missed parts until viewing in LO, too much switching back and forth. Plus some lines are hidden or dashed it gets hard to keep track.

I feel like I’m making this harder than it needs to be. Is stacking 2 separate scenes in layout the simplest way to achieve this look?

I tried to upload an example, maybe it will work.

Share the LO file so we can see how you’ve structure it.

Might be easier to use stacked viewports with a slightly opaque shape in between. Here’s a quickie example from a sample LO file I use with some students. The viewport with the carousel horse is on a layer above the green rectangle (I colored it green just so it shows) and the rest is in a viewport on the layer under the green rectangle. Tag visibility control for each viewport is key. I also made the Line Scale a bit heavier for the horse than for the rest.

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If you’re working with tags you can set the line style for each individual tag on layout, for example put all the existing objects on a tag and all the new on different tags, on layout select the viewport go to sketchup model tray and on the tags section set the line style, color and width.

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This post is a good example of “the power of Sketchup and Layout”.

The fact that a multitude of methods can be developed to solve needed functions is the beauty of Sketchup and layout.

The questions posed and solved by forum users never ends at “it cannot be done in Sketchup”.

Thanks DaveR for looking at my layout file and offering some sound advice. :+1:

Hi Tim, take a look at my post “Cable Awning Sunshade” for another example of @DaveR suggested solution and how I created my drawings. Good luck w your project.

Wow! So creative and pleasing to view. I love a nice document.

Thank you. Let us know if you need any additional insights on this type of layering presentation