Pop up windows don't actually pop up

When I first installed sketchup it worked fine, but around the time the trial ended and reverted to the free version all the pop up windows stopped popping up. When clicking a menu item/pressing a keyboard shortcut that opens a pop up, the main window becomes unresponsive until I ‘close’ the pop up with escape. The odd thing is that windows, such as the one for making a component from selected objects, still work (I can type in the name for the new component and then have that new component show in the components tab) but they are completely invisible/hidden. This includes the properties window, meaning I am unable to change any settings. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so how was it resolved?

Check out this thread: Preference window will not open

Did you change you monitor setup around the same time this started happening.
The most likely explanation it the dialogs are opening off screen where they think the monitor is.
Go Window/Preferences, to set focus to the Preferences dialog, then hit alt and shift together, then m, then tap any arrow key, then drag the mouse around until the Preferences dialog comes into view.
Go to the Workspace tab and hit the button for reset workspace.

Thanks for the help so far, unfortunately neither of your suggestions fixed it :frowning:

I did however just think of a workaround using display fusion, as it has settings for forcing window positions for specific programs. Just set it to center the program’s windows on the monitor and now the windows are showing fine.