Poor display on web, lines and faces partially disappear depending on viewing angle and zoom

Hi there,

I’m experiencing some issues with the display when using Sketchup Free on my Google Chrome web browser. Parts of the model disappear depending on the angle or zoom that I am using to view the model.

To demonstrate here are some screenshots.

In this first screenshot I can see all of the lines and faces of this simple 2D model.

It’s becoming quite frustrating to have to constantly adjust my view just to be able to see a complete picture of my model, and it’s only a very basic model.

This is happening on both my home desktop PC and my work laptop, I’ve also tried using Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome and I get the same result.

I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do to resolve this or if it’s just the viewing quality I should expect for a free web-based product.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or assistance that could be provided. Thanks in advance!


Hi - one thing you could check is the Field of View setting; Camera → Field of View. Typically this is set between 35 - 50 degrees, but it can be changed to suit your requirements and if set too wide, it can affect what you see when zooming in.
Another thing to check would be your graphics card settings; your profile suggests this is a laptop integrated graphics card and generally Sketchup recommends using a dedicated i.e. not integrated graphics card. Someone else on the forum will possibly jump in and advise further on this.

Flickering Faces in your model

You may sometimes encounter a flickering behavior on some surfaces, this is typically called “z-fighting” as two faces are fighting to be seen along the z-axis. This happens when two faces are either co-planar or nearly co-planar and SketchUp is trying to show both.(Clipping and missing faces | SketchUp Help)

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To get further help, upload your model so we can see what is going on in it.

Looks like Z-fighting to me too, at least in part - particularly in your second image - as if you have made overlapping groups or components of rectangles or other areas in your floor plan…

First save your model, then download it to your computer:

Then if it is smaller than about 15MB drag and drop into into your next post from Windows Explorer, or use the eighth icon
above your post to Upload and select your file.

If it is bigger, upload it to Dropbox or OneDrive and provide a shared link to it here, or use WeTransfer.

New House Landscaping.skp (598.5 KB)

Thank you all for your replies so far!

I’ve attached a download of my file so you can see if you experience the same issue, or see if you can identify any problems with the way I’ve created the model that may be contributing to the issue.

Also, in response to the previous suggestion around the field of view, I checked and my field of view was set at 23.5 degrees, I tried changing it to 35 degrees and it made no noticeable difference.


Also, with regards to my graphics card, I am using whatever standard graphics card came with this PC, I haven’t bought or installed any peripheral graphics cards.


There doesn’t seem to be any kind of configurable settings available for this driver so I don’t think there are any tweaks I could make there. I wouldn’t want to invest in a peripheral graphics card unless I was absolutely sure it would solve this problem.

As for the Z fighting, the problem shown in my second image is admittedly not a major issue, that level of distortion of the image only happens rarely and is usually resolved by simply zooming in or out a bit more, or orbiting my view. The main problem I have is when all or part of individual lines and faces seem to disappear. When this happens, zooming in doesn’t change anything, but when I zoom all the way out the lines will often come back into view. The only way I can see those missing lines is to orbit my view but what usually happens is the missing lines come back but other lines then disappear.

I hope this extra information helps in some way.


Your geometry is 87012829.2875 mm away from the origin which is playing havoc with OpenGL and the camera. Move it closer to the origin.


its a long way from origin,
view , show (tick) hidden geometry, hidden objects
control A, (select all)
move, select a point and type [0,0,0]
zoom all

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87065395.4087 mm roughly.


As pointed out. Long way from the origin which isn’t a good thing.

Four hidden edges, too.

Also a bunch of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 1_6_2022 , 6_19_55 PM

Almost 72% file size reduction.

New House Landscaping purged.skp (168.4 KB)

wow thank you guys, I had no idea I somehow managed to get myself so far away from the origin! I’ve moved my model closer and the issue is resolved, such a relief!

I acknowledge there is some superfluous stuff in my model, I had full house modelled in there before but started removing stuff because I thought it was affecting the view, now I realise I had just strayed too far from the origin.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted, much appreciated!

FWIW in the file I uploaded, I moved the model back to the origin by selecting all and grabbing it at the corner where I placed the coordinates label and started moving it. Then I typed [0,0,0] including the square brackets.