Point on a line of a component

Just starting to use free SU. Had downloaded version about 5 years ago. Have been using Delta Cad 2D for many years. A real easy drawing program. I am practicing and making a face frame for a cabinet. I want to put the center point on an edge line of a component and also put point at other locations along a component line. Cant seem to figure this procedure out. Help please

Can you share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are trying to do?

SketchUp’s inferencing will identify the midpoint of an edge as well as the ends. If you want to locate points at specific distances from an end, you can use guide lines or guide points created with the Tape Measure tool.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
First , how do I share the file with you? It is saved in Trimble not my computer.
Is it just a matter of attaching it to this message in some way?
All I want to do is place a visible dot or point on an edge of a rectangular component for reference purposes or to use as a starting place for another line or component.

Download the SketchUp file to your computer using Download under the file folder icon near the top left. Then drag and drop it into your reply or click on the Upload button (upward pointing arrow in the row of gray buttons across the top of the reply window.

Guidelines or guide points are probably the answer.

Where do I find guide lines and guide points?

Look for the Tape measure tool. Start it at an end point and you get a guide point. Start on an edge or an axis line and get a parallel guide line.

The Learning Center Is a good place to get started. Great tutorials in the Sketchup Fundamentals section.

I downloaded the file as a 2018 version. Should I have done it as a 2019 version? I will try to attach it from my download folder. 2ND FACE FRAME PRACTICE (1).skp (1.7 MB)
Did the file come thru so that you can see it?
I want to place some points along the lower edge of the top rail component.

Yep. It’s opening now. It doesn’t matter as to the version. I’m opening it in SU2019 but a 2018 file works fine that way.

Guide points from the end point, guide lines from the edge. Drag them out and type in the distance.

That was great. Now the next part of my question is how to divide the line into a number of equal sections, 5 as an example.
I do this kind of drawing in my work as a custom stair builder.

You can copy guidelines and make a linear array. Copy the guideline to the opposite end with the Move tool, then /5 and Enter.

If you’ll be using SketchUp in your work as a custom stair builder, you’ll want either SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. The free version isn’t suitable for that.

I want to get familiar with the application first and really see if I feel comfortable with it. So far it is a bit awakard as compared to my 2d Delta Cad. Of course Ive been using it for over 10 years. When I do a stairway I have to make two views to get all of the dimensions I need. I will be doing less stair work by the end of next year as I am starting to retire and will be working more in my new shop doing just the custom newel posts for other stair guys and some special cabinet work.

Working in 3D is definitely different than working in 2D. Less likely to produce discrepancies between the views when the model is 3D and the views are of the same model. Ex. four 2D views. They have to be accurate since they are generated from the same 3D model.

Some years ago we had a house designed by an architect friend of ours. He gave us scaled elevations and plan view. It wasn’t until I modeled it in SketchUp that we (the architect included) found that the roofs shown in the front and side elevations were different.

Most architects have never framed a house. I’ve seen some real bad house plans over the years. I believe that all architects should work construction as a framer, plumber, electrician and trim carpenter before they are allowed to pick up a pencil or grab a mouse to make a drawing.
I will do some more practice on my drawing here in SU. I do see that there is an annual fee to upgrade, looks kinda pricey.

There is a cost for SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Shop. Part of that cost covers the license which allows you to use it for your work. With SketchUp Pro you also get LayOut and if you go with the subsciption option for SketchUp Pro, you get Shop as well. Consider it the cost of doing business.

Is it possible to have the dimension read in inches only? Now I get feet and inches when I put a dimension on a line that is over 12 inches in length.

You can change the units in Model Info. In SketchUp Pro you could set up a custom template that would have the units set accordingly.