Podium Renderings too bright and have a blue hue

Hello All,

When using the Podium extension for photorealistic renderings, I keep producing images that are either too bright or too dark, and when they are not too bright or too dark they have a blue type tint. I am using the interior default preset for interior and default exterior for exteriors. When I go to edit the image from the podium rendering manager I see there are ‘presets’, but none are reflective of a ‘normal’ image with no particular hue or color involved. How do I fix this?

I would presume the blue light you are seeing is because the atmosphere itself is blue and the sky is your primarily source of light into your model.

Have you got a wall or ceiling cut out or a section plane in place?

You might get more and quicker response on the developer’s own forum:
The developers monitor that regularly. It might help to have a sample image too.

Great idea(s)- thank you!

I had the roof tag turned off/hidden, and after adding it back on and rendering the photo that way the issue was fixed and I was able to produce a photorealistic image without the issue of it being too bright. Thank you for the feedback!

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