Podium render too dark

So I’ve have had this problem for quite a while. My plants are black when rendering in Podium. I’ve tried to make the textures brighter and change the sun/shade settings, but it doesn’t get better. What am I doing wrong?

Problem Podium.skp (12.8 MB)

Here’s a part of the file

It’s hard to tell from your image if this is the case here but some rendering applications won’t render back faces even with materials added. There are lots of exposed back faces in your plants.

This is a quick render in a different rendering application whowing a close up view of the nearest plant.

I haven’t used Podium for more than a decade but when I did it wouldn’t handle back faces. I don’t know if it has changed. Might need to change to a different plant component.

AFAIK Podium uses the Kerkythea render engine, but I have never used it. You use Kerkythea, does it skip back faces?

Yes. That’s where my example came from.

The makers of Podium have their own forum. They might respond quicker there.

Did the bush come from the Podium Browser or somewhere else?

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