Png VRay color change

PNG image changes background color around vegetation. Any ideas?


Can you post the Plant PNG image you’re using so I (or we) can take a closer look?

Here it is, thanks.

Hmm. The image you attached is a JPG, not a PNG. It should still work though. You just need an Alpha to add to the Opacity section in the grass material settings.

Here it is looking ok (as far as the color changing you mentioned at the start).

Here is the Alpha channel that I made for it:

Here is where the alpha goes under Opacity:

Let me know if that solves it for you.

Thank you, it seems it has been uploaded as JPG, its PNG orginally. I did these steps as well, but thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

As an alternative, have are you using V-Ray 5? Have you checked Cosmos to see if a 3D asset would work better than 2D…like this pampas grass for example?