Plugin to update several separate files in one file?

sorry if my question is not relevant, do you know a plugin to update several separate files in one file? I forgot the name of the plugin, (similar to the “proxy component” plugin but that’s not it)

if anyone knows, thank you very much

case example: I created a bedroom, living room, and bathroom in 3 different files combined in 1 main skp file. every time there is a change in the bedroom, the main skp file can be updated automatically or with the press of a button.

Are you wanting an XRef type extension ?

If so, there are several …

SketchUp Extension Warehouse: Eneroth Reference Manager ($)

SketchUcation PluginStore: TIG Xref Manager

No Longer Available:

!!! SketchUcation PluginStore: LawArchitects Cross Reference Organizer ($)
web site defunct ! last update 2018

I had a copy of this, but it doesn’t work in SU2021.

When it worked in an earlier SU version it was very good.

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thanks for the info, I’m using SU2021 to anyway

thanks, apparently what I was looking for was the TIG ref plugin. anyway, thanks for another choice. I think I will also use the eneroth manager because the TIG version hasn’t been updated for a long time

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