Cross Reference Organizer - No longer supported or updated - Anybody creating similar plugins for future?

If you’ve never used Cross Reference Organizer on large files with sub models, you’re missing out. I love this plugin, but worry about long term usage since the firm that once developed it has moved on to no longer using SU for any of their projects, and therefore no longer developing the plugin.

Does anyone know if there is another developer that is taking on the same kind of functionality? For no CRO isn’t broken, but who knows what the future holds, and I would like to stay ahead of any problems (with new SU builds) and be able to receive support on future jobs if necessary.


Julia C. Eneroth has one …

I also thought that @TIG had an XRef plugin posted over at SketchUcation.

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Thanks Dan! and of course Julia and Tig have them. They are so cool, always amazed at the plugins they develop.