Plugin creation for everyone

I’m sharing two videos video that blew my mind, They’re from TutorialsUp YouTube channel. it shows how to create extensions using A.I. I want to know how complex code can chat gpt write, the future is looking amazing.

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I used ChatGPT to write C# scripts that do a special rotation and extrusion of objects in Unity along with all sorts of other handy stuff. One thing that helped was to think in pseudocode and flowcharting terms. Rather than just type in ‘whatever’, write out each step in simple terms and in a step-by-step manner. Right or wrong, it seemed to me that ChatGPT was not trained on as much Ruby as C# because it returned more/better results.

I suggest you to try it. You spend more time asking for a different code because the one that Gpt offers doesn’t work.

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I do not see Chat GPT writing proper extensions.

In the 1st video, I see it writing snippets that are defined in the top level ObjectSpace. This is a no-no in a shared code space.

This is another example of ChatGPT AI writing sloppy unprofessional code.

Then, looking through the comments, I see that the watchers just do not “get it”. Instead of doing what the video shows, they whine and beg for the results to be shared. Apparently, they cannot even go to the site and type in the instructions as given in the example.

Also, we have the person who is not satisfied with the little snippet, but wants to see a video of the AI bot coding up a clone of SubD or Artisan, obviously so they don’t have to pay for the real things.