Plugin Activation reset

Hey, how can i reset the Activations from the plugin? It is 3/3! but it just works on 1 Pc (the wrong one!)
Skema|690x123 Thanks for help

Have you contacted the extension developer?

Hi the only Aaron,
yes i did but dind`t get an answer!

I have some amount of power in this area! Try your extension again, if it doesn’t work right away, uninstall, and install again.

We may also try to ping @G.Argenio and see if he is able to help!

Hi Upphill, I’m Giorgio the extension’s developer.
I know the limit of licenses is tree. I can’t control or reset it. The rules of licensing are not under the control of developers. The sketchup license class is the same for all plugins. The only think I can suggest you is to uninstall my extension on all the machines (on the wrong one too) and reinstall. It’s very strange that the count is 3/3 if you have only one installation.

Okay! thanks Guys! I will try it tomorrow.

Guten Morgen,

  • the Activation is now 3/5
  • I deleted the plugins on all Computers
  • restarted the Computer and installed the Skema Plugin, but
    it will not work.
  • now i got a load Error ( see Screenshot)
  • there are no little Icons/Pictures in the Extension Manager, only the Diamond ( see screenshot)
  • I notice that 2 Versions are runing: Sketchup Pro 2020 and the subscribtion trail! Could this be the Problem??? Can i remove the trail?
    Load Error
    Thanks for helping!!!

If an extension is bought through Extension warehouse, the individual developer has no power over licenses. Only SketchUp staff has that power.

Hi Colin, Can you remove my suscribtion trail from my account? May that is the solution of my Problem.

I’m not sure what that means, but I am fairly sure it wouldn’t help.

Did you uninstall the extension before installing it again? How did you install it?

When I watch on my Help/-Licence there are two Pages, I have a classic payed 2020pro version and a subscribtion Trail! When I install an extension it shows me the remaining days for the trail! ( Only in the moment of installing)
I uninstalled it in the extension Manager and Installed it in the Extension Warehouse.
I tried to sign out for the subscribtion, but if im not logged in, I canot open the Extension Warehouse.

Hi Giorgio, may you sent me the Plugin as a .rbz on my Email? Then i can try to install it direktly in the extension Manager! Thanks for helping

The 30 day trial is for SketchUp Studio. Your classic license is working, but you still have a few weeks in which to check out Sefaira. It won’t affect extensions at all, so long as you are signed in with your uppenkamp email.

Knock, Knock its me again,
I guess the problem is a buggy Windows user, I created a new one and everything is working fine.

Bis die Tage… Uphill!

Hi Colin, can you please reset the activations counter of the Skema Plugin? It is 5/5 and i cant activate it or buy new license. can you help me? Vielen Dank! Uphill