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I have purchased a new laptop with a graphics card, downloaded Sketchup Pro Trial. I have been watching tutorials. I am getting better but if possible will someone please put 3 dormers on this house. one to right of chimney. I imported file and downloaded a dormer and just couldn’t get it scaled

Can you get a better image of the house? If so, you would be able to use MatchPhoto to import the image. I wouldn’t bother trying to make a dormer from the 3D Warehouse fit on that roof. It would make more sense to model ones that fit it directly. Easier and less work.

What is the pitch on the roof.

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Thank you for answering my email. I guess I had better read the rule!
We are looking at downsizing and my wife wants to see the house with dormers. She and I are both retired and our children are married and own their own. Our current house is 3 levels, 3900 square feet. We live in the middle level about 1300 square feet. My skills are not polished enough but I continue practicing and watching tutorials. This picture is off the county tax maps. I will try to get by and get a better picture if you can help me.

Thanks Ronnieb

I don’t know, putting a dormer on such a low pitch roof may not be as aesthetically pleasing as one would hope. I am interested to see how this project progresses.

Like @medeek I am puzzled about the purpose. The roof is such a low pitch that there isn’t standing room up there and most likely the space is spanned by trusses. If the goal is to let in some overhead light and air for the first floor, perhaps skylights would work better?

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That’s a really cute house

Thank you for your email

I appreciate the comments about the roof pitch and reconsidering the dormers are for exterior esthetics only. My wife thinks that the house needs something. What do you think about eyebrow dormers
Thanks Ronnieb

Architecturally, that’s a single-story ranch house. I’ve never seen one with dormers of any sort. In my opinion they look out of place, whether eyebrow, box, or otherwise. Of course, that’s a matter of taste and your wife is entitled to her opinion.

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Perhaps some skylight windows would be more appropriate aesthetically if you are wanting to bring more light in.
But otherwise, I love the way it looks currently.

This is actually what SketchUp is really at, quick mock ups. Before you get too far into the weeds on this I recommend doing a quick model with some various options, don’t worry about all of the interior or framing details, just a simple mass model to get an idea what dormers would look like on a roof with this pitch. I wouldn’t even worry about the textures at first, just build a very basic model that fairly accurately represents the structures dimensions and roof pitch.

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what kind of Dormer?

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