Please help! Need to know how to make my model manifold for 3D printing in Cura

Hi all. I am student working on a project trying to 3D print a physical model of a design I created in Revit. The design is a topo-surface from revit with a few objects on it. So far, I have been able to export the revit model as a DXF CAD file and import it to Sketchup and clean it up a bit with a plugin. My issue is that in order to print I need the bottom of the model to be a solid flat surface to be accepted by Cura and print properly. I have included the Sketchup file so you can visualize my issue. Any suggerstons on how to go about making this printable? CleanedUp.skp (914.7 KB)

I would recommend installing and using Solid Inspector2. It will help you to identify any issues your model has causing it to not be solid.

Many ways to go about this, I used Pushline and intersected a plane.

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Since you contacted me via PM, I cleaned it up and made it 3D printable. Considerably smaller than EF’s file, too. :wink:
Really CleanedUp and Solid.skp (110.7 KB)


Ha ha, “cleaned up” was the original name, all I did was add the solid base and re-save,I didn’t even look at the rest of it. You went above and beyond like a champ in making this file ready, lucky for the OP!

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Thanks. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. :smiley:

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Thank you!