Please help, I'm trying to merge a hexagon to a pentagon

like this… i was using poligon tool with sides 5 and 6… same radius ~ but edges are not always the same size im having a hard time ,cant match

That is because the edges of polygons with the same radius but different number of sides are not the same length .

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Draw a hexagon of whatever radius you want. For simplicity, say 100mm (or inches).

Draw a pentagon of the same radius, not touching the hexagon.

Turn display precision as high as possible in Model info/Units/Precison - use decimals and as many as possible.

Use the dimension tool to measure the length of the pentagon’s edge

Scale the pentagon down by hexagon edge length/pentagon edge length (a browser will calculate this for you). You can copy the lengths from the dimension - click on it to open the dimension text for editing and copy it.

Select the pentagon, and type s for the Scale tool.

Copy the result from the browser into the measurement box and press Enter.

Move the pentagon into registration with the hexagon.

If you don’t want them to stick together, make each a component first.

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with Tape Measure Tool

with 2D tools plugin

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Pie tool.
Hex pent

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My approach was similar to mihai.s’ tape measure one, but fewer steps.

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If you draw the Pentagon first, you will find the edge length required to draw the Hexagon. As incidentally the inscribed radius of a Hexagon is equal to it’s edge length. So no scaling is required that way:


Thank you so much, heres what happend,(im using sketchup pro 2018), I did everything like on the first screenshot, same numbers in mms. 100.0000… and 117.557050.

after I selected the hexagon > scale >grabbed corner and with mouse was trying to get 100.000000 (dimension text was changing, it was close 100.004354 or so, but never 100.000000, I could zoom in more but in that case the dimension text was missing from view. (with precision 0mm it worked, was easy to match)

after I used tape measure tool, only for pentagon and resized to 100.000000mm.

thank you for your tips, I have a question about your scale box on the second screenshot, there are numbers 0.85065081167, In my box was only 0.85. how to set precision as high as possible for Scale box? (like we did with Length units) or maybe its because of another version of sketchup?!

You all helped and im so thankful and sorry for taking your time . all posts are solutions <3

Go to Window/Model info/Units/Precision and set the precision as high as possible. It affects the display of lengths but not the internal precision that SU uses, and not just the Scale tool, but all displayed dimensions. I copied the long string of digits from the calculation I asked my browser to perform.

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Thank you thank you again