How to draw a pentagon with exact dimensions?

I’m trying to draw a pentagon that’s 17’ x 17’ x 9’ x 9’ x 10’. I can’t figure out how to use the polygon tool to get exact dimensions. And free handing the drawing isn’t giving me matching angles. any advice on how to do this?

I take it those are the lengths of the outside edges required?

The Polygon tool only draws regular polygons. If those dimensions are the edge lengths, that isn’t a regular polygon. You’ll need some additional information to be able to draw your irregular pentagon correctly.

yeah it’s definitely irregular. even when I freehand draw it the lines are a little off

yup those are the outside edges. As you can see when I try to freehand draw it, one of the edges is always a little off. I think it’s because I don’t know the angle?

As I said, you need some additional information to be able to draw it. There are an infinite number of pentagons that can match the dimensions you set out. Here are just two of them.

There are an infinite number of polygons that satisfy your criteria of edge lengths. To nail it, you must know at least two of the included angles.

yeah it looks very similar to the one on the left. I don’t have any specific angles, guessing that’s why it’s so difficult. this is what happens when I try to freehand draw it - one of the dimensions is always slightly off

how did you do that!!

I drew mine by only drawing half and copying it to make the other half.

just tried that but still off. I copied the right side then pasted and used “flip along”

I assume you drew the bottom line at 5. You need to make the 17 long line so its end aligns with the end of the 5.

Other than the lengths of the sides, are the other dimensions of the pentagon just random?

this is actually going to be a remodeled carport. currently all of the dimensions are different but this will be the finished product, so everything will be the same length. I got it. thanks, dave!

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damnit never mind, something is still off (the lines aren’t closed). can you walk me through how you drew the first half step by step? I’m starting with the tape measure tool to create a reference point then using the line tool to draw the 3 sides at an arbitrary angle. It looks like the 17’ won’t snap exactly to the line even when I hold shift

I drew a centerline and a line perpendicular to it at 5 long. Then the other 9 side at an arbitrary angle. Finally, I used the Pie tool to draw a sector with a radius of 17 such that the end of the sector intersects with the center line.

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You are not a sage. You are a golden god. THANK YOU!

As was noted earlier, if you knew some angles or diagonal distances you could draw the figure exactly instead of with arbitrary skew.

You guys are working way too hard.
Why not use a circle and set sides to 5?

Since it’s not a regular pentagon, could you show how to do that and get the lengths of the sides the OP specified?

If it was a regular pentagon, how would the Circle tool be better than the Polygon tool?

Just move the one point to the correct settings - and yes you can use either tool.

For me it’s just a bit of math.