Please help, I can't find my saved files

Please help, i opened a sketchup file from a whatsapp message. And did a few hours of work on it, i guess its my fault that i didnt download that file straight to my downloads file. But when i was done with my work, i just pressed the save button and it didnt it didn’t pop up showing where i should save it, so it didn’t occur to me i didn’t save the file in a specific location. But it did save multiple times, but i just don’t know to where. Today when i opened sketchup, i can’t find my work back. Its not even in the recent files thing at the sketchup startup page. Please help me i need it back and i don’t have enough time to redo everything.

hello, so you opened it from whatsapp web ? if so, it can’t just be opened out of whatsapp, it is first downloaded, meaning that it ended up in your download folder

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Or possibly a temporary folder.