Please help how do I make these angles?


I am having a hard time creating these soft angles, I am uploading a picture to and showing what i need help creating they are circled i really appreciate the help!!! H

ps I will upoadload my finished temple when complete… -Hypnos


I believe this is achieved using the scale tool, but im not sure how can anyone please confirm and also tell me how? This is vital to my models and architeture style… thanks!


used the follow me tool, figured it out, thanks!!!


@djhypnotize I am so glad you were able to figure it out!! That’s what I personally love about SketchUp - that you can figure things out pretty easily. Is there a particular video or post that helped you figure it out that you would like to share? Also, do you want to share an updated model view to show how you used the “follow me” tool?



Hello and cool you got it, the follow me is very handy tool. Its buddie is the offset tool, you could use it to make a inner or outer copy. Then select it and move it straight up, then finish it with rectangle to close it. I make a lot of furniture and the two are very valuable… need anything just ask!! Enjoy and …Peace…


Hey Thanks for the prompt reply, this program so powerful I really enjoy it! I have another question though… hope u can help??

-How Do I make stairs for a roman temple?

I am including pics:

This pictuer is how I am trying to create the stars but don’t know how…

ive learned the copy profile method and think this is how but now sure.

h ttp://

as you can see i began using that method…

h ttp://

when i push pull, only the left side is coming out, how do I get the right side to push pull also?

h ttp://

Finally in this third pic you can see that I used the push pull method but it only worked for one side of the stairwell… How do I get both sides to work and more importantly how can I get it to look like the very first picture on top please/?? I am fascinated by sketchup, it is very fun to work with and look forward to mastering it so I can share my model of “HZANTIUM” with you all! ! I appreciate this community and look forward to keep learning from you all, thanks again…!!

With Gratitude,


ps it would only let me post one image, please connet the h in https: to see the pictures ive uploaded for help…? Thx ! @AlexB


I would like to share it with you guys as soon as it is complete!


DMPOST.skp (39.8 KB)

DMPOST12.skp (44.5 KB)
These may help and if you need they have many videos to watch and also provide a good explanation of the tools features. It is best to watch them and then apply your own thoughts. Also use others videos, not to copy but open up possibilities for yourself. as well as see how they use the tools to their advantage. …This will help get you started, investigate and you wont believe what you will find…



Aidan demonstrates three ways in the videos below.


Can someone please tell me how to create stairs like this for my roman temple using the copied profile? I am stil struggling with getting one opening in the middle with both sides… see pic. Thanks to everyone! Great community!!!


Can u shed light on this please?


Here is a very basic method.

This is a more accurate version using the copy method. I used Divide from the context menu to set the spacing.


The above is as good as an explanation as you can get. Good luck with your temple and please share it when your done or need advice. There is always good help here…Peace…


Could someone please help me if possible? I’m trying to make a crankbait bill and I’m stuck due to it’s unconventional geometry. I am trying to fill it in and make it a solid piece. Is this possible?


I suggest you start a new thread about this.
Include an Image of what you want to achieve, because personally I have no idea what a crankbait bill is and even after looking it up on the internet I don’t know what part you are wanting to create.
Include your model also, so we don’t have to remake it using guesswork.


One guess… (done with Curviloft)


Another guess done with follow me.


Thank you!!! I will definitely share it asap thanks again!! H


curviloft looks awesome #HZANTIUM progress, thanks again everyone. H