Please Help: Cannot animate object to rotate correctly!

Using Pro 2016

So I’ve built a ridiculous house. There’s a lot of strange angles as the house is a nonagon (9 sides polygon). The problem I am having is creating some large windows that open up and then close when clicked. I have set up OnClick = animate(“roty”,16, 0) which animates it correctly, HOWEVER, on the first initial click the whole window changes its orientation before correctly performing the open/close animation.

I have tried sorting out the axes but everything seems correct except the jumping. Wtf am I missing here? Lol The model should load at the window in question. Untitledsircle-0.skp (4.0 MB)

I think it’s doing a global rotation. If the DC was inside something else it would do a local rotation, and you can position the outer object anywhere you like.

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Untitledsircle-0.skp (3.8 MB)

Many thanks! I had a sneaking suspicion I had missed something simple like that. Much obliged to you.