Playing Around With MSPhysics


What a great use for MS Physics. Brilliant!

I love it, excellent idea! What sort of frame rate did you experience while running the simulation live? What were some of the overall simulation settings you used (for example the global parameter that can range from say 60 to 960 - I can’t recall it’s name, iteration step or something)?

@TDahl - I pretty much used the default settings. The speed was good when it started out, but slowed down a bit at the end. The replay option allows some post-processing to make things smoother.

dominoes.skp (252.0 KB)

This brought back some memories of a domino’s sequence I did for the movie “The Fog of War”. At the time I illustrated it with Sketchup models, but I think did an animatic in Carerra as I don’t think MS physics was around back then in the @last days. The model was helpful to see the scale of the maps with the small dominos on them. But to get the lower angles/perspectives with a large camera for more dramatic falls, I made a bunch of oversized dominos that were put on a scaled up version of the same map so they would appear to be the same. The oversized dominos were about 9" long. The 1st video here is a sketchup model using MS physics and rendered through Thea Render.
Would of been nice to have had it MSPhysics back then for a better pre-viz presentation.

If you want to see the domino’s in the film:

Roughtly at 00:43:15 & 1:09:55