Planting plans in Layout (ie. automatically counting things, creating reports)

Hi all,

I currently use Vectorworks for my 2D drawing work but am considering moving to Layout.

One thing I do need is to be able to create are landscape planting plans. This is basically a number of circles on the page, some being a different type of plant. This is fine - can be done with components. Say I have a component for Salvia nemerosa, I place five on the screen and maybe group them.

What I would then like is the functionality for two things:

  1. For a label/tag to count the number of objects in the labelled group and to tell me what they are (eg. group(count), ‘Salvia caradonna’ or something like that)

  2. For me to be able to create a report of all of these components that are on a certain SketchUp tag (/layer) - this would be what would get sent to the nursery to order plants, so compatibility with Excel would be great.

I’m pretty computer savvy bu, assuming this is possible, if someone could point me in the right direction for things to look at, and/or examples of other people having done it, and any plug ins (if needed) I would be incredibly grateful.

I’m ready and willing to abandon the complication of VW and embrace my new lover :wink: Just need to make sure he meets my needs!

Thanks! :smiley:

What you want to do looks possible in Sketchup. If you want the reports, you would not start with Layout even though simple 2D work is possible in Layout. Sketchup is where you (normally) draw things and Layout is how you present them and where you add notes, dimensions, and the like.

There are a lot of posts on this forum complaining about Layout. Its conception is fine and if you only use it for things that can’t be done in Sketchup itself, it’s bearable. But it has speed issues even on the most powerful computers. Just zooming in and out can be tiresome.

In short, if you want to concentrate your efforts on just using Layout, you will find it lacks functionality and ease of use.

Test it yourself:

  • create a model in SketchUp
  • send it to Layout
  • add the texts
  • in SketchUp, create a report

I thought VW was designed for this so it’s interesting to hear that - i’ve considered a VW license for this task alone in the past.

Eitherway, in addition to the above, a 2D circle with an abreviated text label may be enough initially and you can then further develop the components over time. Using layers allows labels, symbols, 2D cut-outs etc all to be turned on/off to suit.

Including plant clumps can be a bit of a pain - make sure your system accounts for doubles, triples etc when you create the reports.

Here’s an example that essentially used the info detailed in the posts above (native SU/Layout):

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This is helpful, thanks. Just ran my 1st report!