Plans from Autocad 2014 to Sketchup Make for Mac (last version)

I need to import a plan from Autocad to Sketchup and then color objects inside.
I don’t have problems with importation, but when I try to color all objects on Sketchup, I can’t.
It doesn’t recognize the objects as areas.
I have to re-draw all the objects on Sketchup or is there an easier and faster way?


This is my plan:

Often the DWG import is wrapped in a component instance context. Double-Clicking it will enter into it’s “edit context”. (You’ll see a box around it made of dotted lines.)

You can also select this component instance, right-click and choose “Explode” from the popup mouse context-menu.

It’s also possible that the lines in the original dwg have gaps and don’t enclose areas. Is it possible for you to upload the model here so others can take a look?