Plagiarism in a virtual school context


In a school context where courses are currently given online, the risks of plagiarism between students are numerous.

Also, I would like to know your tips for finding faulty students and recognizing SketchUp files that might have been copied. In short, is there any way to find out the original author of a SketchUp file?

Thanks for your help!

It’s a difficult thing to identify quickly and definitively. You could look for identical elements such as the distance between the origin and points in the model. If the students don’t start drawing right at the origin it is highly unlikely that two of them would get things in exactly the same place. You could examine component definition names. You might find spelling errors that could be clues. Also look at the way materials are applied. If two models look identical and all of the materials are identical, too, that might be a clue.

This topic has come up recently. See Students cheating by sharing drawings.