Placing the 'Sun' to Shine Thru Objects


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Here’s my question, of many, i am learning about shadows, how to place the sun, time of day, i got that stuff to work, on the back wall of my SU window, the sun shines thru onto the floor and wall, looks pretty cool if i do say so, so I put a tree in front of my window, but the sun dosen’t shine thru the tree, ??? how would i fix this??


jack g


Is the tree a component ? Is it set to cast shadows?


i dunno, good question, i’ll check, let you know…


Hi Dan,

I set the tree to shadows, just like you said, how do i change my viewing, i can orbit my model, how do i orbit my view?

hope this makes sense


jack g


Click View (menu) > Scene Tabs so that a check mark appears and the tabs are visible across the top of the view pane.

Then use the tabs to switch scene page (or use the Scene Manager, open it from the Window menu.)

Once you are in a scene page, use the camera tools like Orbit or Pan to adjust the camera, then Update the scene page.

Either click the update button on the Scene Manager, …

… or right-click the scene tab, and choose Update:


Is it a 3D tree or an image (with transparency)?


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Thanks Dan for going to the time and trouble to help me.


Sorry, still trying to learn how this forum works.


an image i got from the net.