How to let wallpaper to let entering sun from behind?


basic question - as usual no answers online. You put wallpaper behing windows from jpeg. Why there is no simple answer how let sun through it from behind to see wallpaper behind windows and sunligh from behind on the walls. some people were talking about cast shadows but this is not it. cas shadows its only for shadows it does not leting the sun rays …

Is this in Vray or in SketchUp? Show us and example of what you are trying to show.

yes its sketchup and vray of course its basic wallpaper simply from imported jpeg - visible as material in vray

the sun is from behind. - and should go through it and be visible on the wall on the right

So this is a Vray question not a feature request for SketchUp. I’ll move your thread to the right category. Please be more clear in your questions so that we have some hope of helping you.

sure. but moving from one category to the other does not help. there is not such thing as sketchup only. majority of the people work in sketchup to get visuals not to play around and model just for fun. so this to softwares are as one body. not separable for majority of the people

Your original post had nothing about Vray which is what you need help with. SketchUp has no problem showing the sun through a window onto wallpaper.

ok so put a wall behind this window. how you make sketchup still show the sun through it and then window. please show me how you do it man

becouse its quite normal that almost everyone wants to have a wallpaper behind the window not a white blank view

You seem to know what every SketchUp user wants.

By “wall” do you mean an image outside the window? A wall would cast a shadow.

Maybe something like this?

Use the image as a texture, put the face inside a group or component and set it to not cast a shadow.
Screenshot - 6_27_2021 , 10_20_43 AM

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