How to place an object such that the 'sun' gives a shadow of said object on a wall


Hi Group, today i was learning about shadows and how to place the sun to come thru a window, cool that worked, my question is, how would i include a tree such that the ‘sun’ shines thru the tree causing a 'shadow of the tree on the wall.

Placing the 'Sun' to Shine Thru Objects

Did you have in mind anything more elaborate than this?



The tree isn’t in the sun’s stream?? What did I do wrong??

Thanks for helping me.

Jack g


That is how it looks to me. The sun is shining from somewhere to the left and the tree is in front of the window. It would be easier to diagnose with the actual model file.



Do your ‘glass’ openings contain a material?
If you delete a pane does the tree shadow come through?
If you look at the window from the tree’s side is there a shadow cast on it?
If your ‘tree’ is an Image then you’ll have issues.
If you make it as a component that casts shadows and it’s material is not transparent then it should work.
But of course this presupposes that the sun is indeed casting its shadows in the right direction.


Judging from the shadows cast by the window frames and mullions, it might just happen that the tree shadow is falling somewhere behind the wall to the right.