Placing component accurately on cylinder

I have a problem in locating a chimney component to a cylinder - a model railway boiler.
Question - how does one do that as it is frustrating not being able to place it accurately?

You can right click and change the axes of the chimney, then, drag it from your ‘in model’ collection in the Component Panel.
Showing the hidden geometry also helps, as well as X-Ray view:
View->Hidden Geometry


Wow - brilliant - thanks for that wonderful approach.

Many thanks

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Realise that the approach is for Sketchup Pro and not for my Sketchup 2017

Unable to have the component library which does not exist either.

Oh dear, need more assistance please


What @MikeWayzovski has show is possible in all versions of sketchup.

What exactly are you having trouble doing?

You can always just pick it up and place it.
Click and release on the appropriate point, then click and release to place it.

Or draw in place by using the arrow keys or shift to lock the plane.

in the [menu]:

click the little icon that looks like a house

Also it is handy to use the various view tabs (front,top side etc.) in parallel projection as a way to position items. Sometimes the 3D perspective can be deceiving.

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Yes indeed.

Great suggestion and makes sense.

thanks very much

You might checkout the Learning Center / Sketchup Fundamentals. Good info here.

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