Pipe reducer


I’m looking to create a pipe reduction that connects two circular faces. These faces are neither parallel nor aligned with the axes of the coordinate system, and they have different diameters.


Could you provide any guidance or suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

Make a cylinder and use the scale and move tools to one of the end faces.

Scale one end of the pipe not" about its center

Here’s an animation of what @Wo3Dan described. Note that because I scaled about x and y together, the primary axis of the result is at 45 degrees to the original axes.

skewed reducer

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Hold Shift to scale uniformly but not about center.

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You can use the Engineering Toolbox plugin to insert many type of pipes and pipe fittings in your SketchUp model.

If you can post your skp file, it may help us to help you.

Thank you everyone for your input.

I’m working with a cylinder that isn’t aligned with the project’s axes, as it was created from a point cloud using Trimble Scan Essentials. This results in the scale tool not being two-dimensional when applied to the larger circular face. Additionally, since the faces are not parallel, directly extruding the larger face towards the smaller one does not result in a perfect fit. Please excuse me if I’m not expressing myself clearly; my native language is Spanish, and I am a beginner in 3D modeling. I have attached a .skp file with a portion of the pipeline showing the sections I wish to join through reduction.

TestDC1.skp (3.6 MB)

I would align the pipe component’s axes with the geometry of the pipe. Then scaling the end will work.

The small elbow isn’t aligned accurately with the pipe but I didn’t modify that. Maybe it’s not all that important in this case.

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Your best bet in such a situation would be to get Fredo6’s curviloft extension from sketchUcation’s plugin store. It is designed to handle these kinds of things.


Keep in mind that reducers are standardized pipe fittings and come usually in concentric and eccentric shapes.

With what I see, it looks like you need an eccentric reducer.

Make sure that the side of the two pipes is the same at some point if you want to correctly position and align the reducer.

If you can post the required diameters or, even better, your skp file, I can probably give you a more precise way of achieving what you want.

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A demo of @slbaumgartner’s suggestion.
GIF 1-02-2024 12-36-27 PM

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Hello Jean,

I am engaged in reverse engineering modeling (at a referential detail level); therefore, I do not have the exact dimensions and specifications of the pipes. In this context, I only require an approximate model.

Thank you, regardless!

You marked my answer as the solution, you should really mark @slbaumgartner’s as the solution. Mine is just an animation Steve tells you the name of the extension and where to get it.

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You are totally right. TY