Newbie: can't extrude curved surface, but it is flat!

Trying to extrude the circle off the pipe. Have scaled it up 10 then back down. Have lowered the number of segments…cant seem to extrude…need to connect the parts!! To select this circle I have to click the mouse 3 times to “grey out” entire circle…

in sketchup the push/pull tool will only “extrude” a single plane or surface. It’s hard to tell from your screenshot, is the circle you are trying to push/pull one coplanar surface? Or is it faceted? Can you include the model here on the forum so we can take a look. Download it to your computer then drag and drop the file into the response window on the forum.

When you create a circle on the face of a cylinder it will align to one face of the cylinder and stick to it. You can see where the circle ring gets thicker.
So you either need to draw the circle away from the cylinder, or group the cylinder so it doesn’t stick to it.

Trying to figure out how to download it. Im using the webversion

Folder icon top left.

Untitled.skp (174.9 KB)

swing bracket2.skp (197.5 KB)

Its swing bracket2, hope you can see it…

swing bracket2.skp (197.5 KB)

Can you tell what the issue is?

It is as I described above.

Grouping the pipe Imtrying to extrude from fixed the issue, thanks! NowI have to figure out how to fill in the pie shaped gap…

I don’t understand what this thing is really supposed to be. Does the one at the top look like what you are trying to come up with?

What is supposed to happen at that small vertical cylinder?

Its part of a motorcycle swingarm bracket. Yesthe one at the top is close, but the small cyclinder pipe has too small of a diameter I think

I used the radii from your model for all of the parts I drew. If it’s too small, how large should you have drawn it? Do you have a photograph of the real part?

Brough Superior B & D Swingarm

Its the part of this assembly at the upper left

Yes the dimension issue is my mistake. Here is whatthat joint should look like.BS swingarm bracket closeup

Those pictures are too small for me to see. In any case, do as Box suggested. Make a group or component of the stepped part and the other cylinder. Then model the curved tube to go in between. You’ll want Follow Me instead of Push/Pull.

As you can see, its not really an arc, more of an ellipse…and the way the joint comes together is hard to recreate. Trying to getit drawn up to print it in 3D to learn the process and have the enginering kinks worked out before I start fabrication.

You’ll have to work out the right shape for the path then. I would take some measurements off the original to work that out.

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