Piercing a 3d shape with another 3d shape


I have the free web version and I am quite a newbie still. Is there a way in this version to pierce/protrude one 3d object through another, any where through that object I want?

I am trying to pierce a cylinder shaped bar through the walls of a cube. I would also like to pierce it through any art of that cube I want to.

Sorry I have no file attachment to show you exactly what I am trying to do, unfortunately this step is the first part of my project, so I have nothing to show.


Place the cylinder through the cube and then use Intersect Faces to intersect the two. Erase what you don’t need.

I believe he desires for the penetration of the cube to move by moving the penetrating object in other words not in a fixed location

Maybe. Since he’s got no example to show what he wants, and it’s difficult to follow his description, who knows?

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I can draw a conclusion!


Draw circle on cube, then push/pull… or if there’s overlapping geometry, then intersect selected faces

ok now put a penetrating object in that penetration and move them both to another location.

In case you missed it because it was moved from where you first posted it, you got some relevant answers when you asked this question before.

I tried to “intersect” but can not on the free web version. Do I need “Pro” or will the “shop” version have the option? I want to try and pierce the cube with a pipe and move it only to where I want it to live, then adjust down the track if need be. I dont need to move it when it is at its final location.

The final object will not be a moving machine, just a solid structure.


Intersect work perfectly in the Free version. The gif I posted in the thread I linked is done using free web.
Perhaps you could now add a file with something for us to help you with specifically.
We are really only guessing at the moment and talking in generalities.

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