How to make objects visually protrude/pierce through other objects

Hi again to the community. Not sure if I am suppose to start a new thread but I have another problem that I am hoping can be rectified in the free web version.

How do I make other objects visually protrude/pierce through other objects i.e. I have a glass wall that I am trying to make lines/pipes appear to go through it at specific points. I can only seem to put objects on top of other objects.

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You should start a new thread and you should upload the SketchUp file so we can see what you’re getting and what you want to do.

Edited to start a new thread as suggested by @DaveR.

If the geometry (edges and faces) of each piece is isolated into a component or group, then you can have pieces that pass through each other (that is, occupy part of the same 3D space) without any conflicts or merging of geometry of one piece with that of another piece. For example, in the following figure I’ve drawn a circular ring, and tipped it up and positioned it such that it passes through the upper portion of a hollow cylinder (two components I happened to have in a model I’m working on). SketchUp does not prevent such interference between geometry. Just move stuff where and how you want. :slight_smile:

In the image @TDahl showed, you will notice that there are no edges where the two parts pass through each other, which produces a slightly unrealistic appearance. To get the edges, open the glass wall for edit, select all, and then right-click->intersect faces with model. If all you want is an improved visual, you are done. If you want the actual shape of the residual part (e.g. the glass with a hole where a pipe goes through) you will need to erase the portion surrounded by the new edges.

If you have SketchUp Pro you can use the solid tools (or better, @eneroth3’s Eneroth Solid Tools from the EW - which still requires Pro). Same end result, but less manual work.

What you need to remember is that you are modelling in 3d not drawing in 2d, you don’t want to make things visually protrude, you want them to physically intersect in 3d space.
Get familiar with moving around in 3 dimensions so you can interact with planes on different axes.
Here is a simple one where both shape are extruded up from the z plane but then one is rotated so it can intersect the other.

So…I have a glass cube that I need to intersect some pipes through! Will I need the Pro version for this or will the Shop version be able to do these tasks?

@Box’s post from a week ago showed you that you can create the block and pipe then intersect them in Free (you don’t even need Shop).

If you want it look like real glass you’d need to render it, but you can make it look not too bad in SketchUp with materials.
I don’t have Shop, but I think it has better control over materials than Free. Even in free you could apply one of the standard glass materials to the block and a metal one to the pipe, or just a solid colour.

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