Photo textured surface

is it possible to put a photo texture onto a single face and then after exporting to x-plane go back and cut an opening into it to add a window ?. I have modelled a house for x-plane with several photo textures using a single PNG texuture file and all to the power of 2. I now want to go back and add windows so I can add lighting inside for night time.
Thanks John.

You can certainly go back into your SketchUp model to edit it and add holes for windows. I would expect you’d need to export for X-plane again, though. The exported file won’t update automatically.

What version of SketchUp are you working with? SketchUp Free 9web) or SketchUp 2017? And if SketchUp 2017, is that Make or Pro?

hi DaveR, Im using the 2017 make.

Please clarify that in your profile. That information helps us help you.

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gotch ya. Apolagies. I guessed I would have to re Ex-Port to X-plane 11. This does not effect the textured PNG file though I`m Guessing.

Editing a face to cut a hole won’t affect the texture applied to the face.

many thanks DaveR.

DaveR, i seem to have a second account somewhere thats not used, this account here is updated, .

You keep signing in with that other account, though. And the profile for @john991 isn’t really correct either.