Photo Match Photo Orientation

I’ve done a photo match with my model inserted. The photo was taken looking east and sketchup placed the photo in the model as if it is looking north. This impacted my shadow creation since the model thinks the west elevation is the south elevation. Can I merely rotate the model and photo 90 degrees or do I need to create another photo matched model with the photo parallel to the green axis not the red axis which apparently is the default? If I need to create another model with the photo parallel to the green axis, what steps did I miss to accomplish this?

Any chance you can share some screen grabs or something? Having a hard time picturing the issue you are experiencing.

If you are finished photo matching you could just rotate the model, but if you’re going to go back and make changes, that could be a problem.

This is a related topic, and one suggestion is to use a Solar North extension, linked in one of the replies:

How do I share a screen shot?

The Solar North extension did the trick. Thank you!

Glad the extension helped. For posting picture you would click on the outbox up arrow icon while you’re writing your reply. I’ll try it now…

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