Perspective is reversed (things bigger far away)?

Perspective on my is backwards. Things get bigger as they are farther away.
What could be going on?3204Adeline.skp (1.2 MB)
The drawing is attached.

The model is done with Photomatch. If you are done with it, just delete the scene and go to Camera/Field of view and type 35 and hit Enter.

You’re in Perspective Mode but your Field of View is 2.64 degrees. Press Z and type 35 to get a decent angle.

Thanks. That explained what was going on. I didn’t have to delete the photomatch scene. I just had to create a new scene. But I couldn’t change the viewing angle while in the photomatch scene. When I created a new one then I could press Z and input 35.

This raises another question. I had a floor plan of the building and I thought that would be helpful with the photomatch but I couldn’t figure out how to place the building so it fit the photo match. Or actually, the other way around. How to orient the photomatch to line up with the floor plan?

I don’t want to move the building because it is geolocated.

Any suggetions?

Floorplans are easier. Photomatching is usually used for perspective drawings. I wouldn’t necessarily use it for floorplans. If you want to trace a floorplan, you can put the image inside SketchUp and draw over the image. Then when you’re finished, use the Tape Measure Tool to set the scale. Here’s an example of a screenshot of a screenshot inside SketchUp (lol)!

Sorry. I didn’t express myself well. My purpose wasn’t to make a floor plan. With the floor plan of the building I could accurately represent part of the exterior walls of the building (at least their length). I would have real world measurements to use in conjunction with the photo match. i.e. with the photo match you need some reference dimensions to give scale to the model created from the photo match. I wanted to align the photo with the partially done 3D SketchUp model. That would make the model more accurate. And in the end I would project the photo onto the model. However, I couldn’t figure out how to line up the partial model with the photo in photo match.