Personal astronomy observatory shed with roll off roof

Posting this as a response to the 2/24/2023 live stream “what are you working on” question.

The observatory’s roll off roof allows telescope access to most all of the sky. The observatory also has two isolated (from the observatory’s floor) concrete piers used to support heavy duty German Equatorial Mounts used to mount telescopes.

If you open up the SketchUp file (2023), the upper flap of the south wall and the entire roof structure are dynamic component and respond to Interact tool clicks. First click on the roof moves it off the shed, second click moves it back. First click on the upper flap flips it down. Second click flips it back up. Technically, you should flip the wall flap down first before the moving the roof off of the main structure. Visa versa, you should close the roof first, then flip the wall flap up.

Roll Off Observatory 8x16 v09-00.skp (1.9 MB)


That’s quite a novel approach to a retracting roof.

You might get a kick out of Cabin Anna.