Track: SketchUp Fundmentals-Modeling Practice

This practice track is a follow-along class to work on all the lessons learned in Fundamentals. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.


+10 for printable pdf’s!

V-Ray Nest? Or Next :smiley:

Thanks Mike, let us know if you find the PDF instructions clear or confusing.

V-ray as the next track? Nested components? Bird’s nest? Crow’s nest? :wink:

Very cool! Love the teeth.

Ah, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, I’ve managed to get there in the end - but at 03:32 on “Adjusting the Crossbeams” you manage to select just the outer beam. Whenever I try drag a selection box then I end up selecting a lot more than you manage to, thus not being able to successfully move the outer beam. My work around was to just select each edge that needed to move manually with shift+click. What am I missing? Is there a setting?

Did you make that roof a component?
Did you drag the selection box from left to right (like in video) or from right to left?


In the video at 3:45 you select all except the furniture, but i do not understand how you are excluding the furniture group before exploding, i tried clicking on the furniture area but it does not seem to highlight the group ?

Can you clarify which video you are watching? Is it this video on roofs or another in the series? Thanks