Pencil duplicating or triplicating tapped digits in measurement box

I’ve just bought a new iPad Air 2022 M1 chip and an Apple Pencil 2.

When I use the pencil to set a measurement (say 2,3 for a rectangle) in the measurement box, the digits duplicate or triplicate. E.g., single tap on 2 produces 22 or 222 instead of 2.

Is this a hardware fault? Or some setting I can fix somewhere?

Now it seems the pencil’s not working at all!

I’ll take them back to Apple.

I’ve not seen that on my identical setup, so something is certainly amiss on yours. Did you try shutting down and restarting the iPad?

Tried that twice.

Just been talking to Apple support. They did a screen share, confirmed it said ”connected” and didn’t work.

Then tried “Forget this device”, turned Bluetooth off then on again. It reconnected, and still doesn’t work (at all - no response to a tap, not just in SU, but anywhere).

They advise first updating iOS to v 16.1, trying again, and if still not working, take it back to the store and get replacement.

This might sound silly, but I’ve come across a handful of situations now, where folks have come to me with Apple Pencil issues, various things misbehaving, etc.
The first 2 things I check now are 1) Apple Pencil battery level (dock it to the side of the iPad to make sure it’s charged up), and 2) check to make sure that the Pencil tip is screwed on tightly.
It’s like the Pencil version of the Tech Support 101 checklist. :rofl:

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Thanks, Mike.

Yes, pencil was 90-100% charged.

But I hadn’t checked the tip - will do when iOS 16 finishes installing.

And what do you guess? It was loose! I didn’t even know it was a screw fit.

Will try again when installation finished. It’s still got a way to go.

Finished quicker than I expected.

And it now works! Not just in Settings, but it’s resolved the double or triple bounce in Measurement box too.

That’s saved me an hour round trip to the store.

Many thanks, Mike

That’s great to hear!
Sounds like Apple Support needs to update their 101 checklist :grinning:

I’ve just given them that feedback.