Pedestal Table in Chestnut

Just a quick model and quicker render of a pedestal table. I drew the model for a guy who was looking for a plan for just such a table.


That’s beautiful :slight_smile:

Thank you, sir.


Just curious @DaveR, did you include all the joinery or was this just a visual for concept demo?

To me it looks like all the parts are there (except, perhaps, the loose pieces that will fill the gap when the table is pulled to full length. In an old table I have they are kept in place by pegs that slot into holes on the edges of the fixed boards.
(forgive me for not mastering English woodworking terminology)

Steve, there isn’t really any joinery on this table. The legs would normally be attached to the column with hanger bolts and nuts but I haven’t drawn them in. When I get to really making the plan, I’ll show the column as made from 8 staves and add things like holes for the bolts. I’ll also show the blocks that hold the aprons on the tops and the bolts for attaching the cross piece to the top of the column. Those are all trivial details to add.