PDM for SketchUp? (Product Data Manager)

Do you know any PDM solutions for SketchUp? PDM for example like Autodesk Vault.

I want to be able to manage multiple SketchUp projects with my team and allow anyone to have a centralized and searchable (such professional terms) view of different components.

You can explore the ‘workflow extensions’ in Trimble Connect. Besides it’s ‘native’ capabilities (setting up teams, managing access of data per team, checking activity, create different ‘Release’ and the way it can combine and show different file formats in a mobile, MR viewer or desktop) you can create Metadata sets of files and Property sets, all data can be organised dynamically (on the fly or with fixed templates) and downloaded as csv
The creation of these property sets are included in a business premium plan ($250/y), accessing and using created sets a lower plan (€ 110/y included in a Pro Subscription)

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