PDF from Layout. One image won't print

I have a layout file with numerous imported images. I exported this file to a PDF, and it looks fine when opened in Preview (iMac). When I print, one of the imported images is missing. Curiously, the missing images shows up in Print Preview dialog box. I am baffled. Van Electrical Diagram.pdf (8.6 MB)
The image that is not printing is the (+) FUSE BLOCK in the bottom center of the document. Any ideas?

There have been issues related to the color profiles for images on Macs. Maybe that one falls into that category. Can you share the LO file?

Van Electrical Diagram.layout (3.0 MB)

Does that image print better in this file?
Van Electrical Diagram.layout (9.8 MB)

Note that there is a PDF that may not print as well as a .webp image because I opened the file on the PC. But as we’re concerned only with that one image for the moment, ignore those.

DaveR- The image prints from Layout from your uploaded file, but not if your file is exported to PDF. I think I solved this by the Random Thrashing Method. The problem image was added by drag and drop, not by File/Insert in Layout. When I added a new image by File/Insert everything works. I am still baffled why a PDF does not print as shown on the screen, but my immediate problem is solved. Thanks.

I wondered about that. Drag and drop is generally not a great way to get content into LayOut.

Glad it’s sorted, though.

Thanks for you input!

More Random Thrashing. I think the problem (maybe) was ultimately caused by something being wrong with the image file. When I replaced it all the problems disappeared.

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