Definition of jpeg or PDF image inserted in Layout?

I have an engineer’s floor framing PDF that I want to place on a Layout page. So far the results have been fuzzy and illegible. The jpeg or PDF images I have used are clear enough, but when inserted in Layout they are degraded and unusable. Are there any tweaks I can make to improve image quality?

I don’t know exactly what you mean, but one tip: When exporting to PDF, uncheck the “Use Jpeg compression…” box.
Another thing is the color profiles in use on the Mac. I have a PC so I don’t know how to deal with them but they have an impact on the appearance of images in different applications.

Inerted PDF files come in as raster images. By default their displayed resolution is reduced to help improve performance. Don’t judge the appearance of raster content soley by what you see in LayOut. Export to PDF and look at the quality there.

For an engineer’s floor framing, it might be the linework is vector. Maybe it would make more sense to convert the vector linework to .dxf using an application like Inkscape and them import the CAD linework into LayOut.

Thanks all. Tried simply exporting Layout page to PDF and it was sufficiently legible.