PDF disappears when you enter the group over it


I have a pdf layout that I am using to trace build a model. The part I have built is in it’s own group, and I have x-ray on so that I can see the pdf below it. When I go inside the group, the pdf outside disappears. I do not have “hide rest of model” enabled… Any idea why this is happening?



So you’ve imported the PDF as an texture, right? Or you’ve imported it as an image and then exploded it which converts it to a texture. The behavior you describe is normal for that. If you import it as an image, you should be able to see it when editing the group.

Image imported as an image and group open for edit:

Image as a texture and group open for edit"


I imported it as an image actually!


But then exploded it?

How about sharing the file? If you don’t want to make it public, share it with me in a private message.


Ok I thought I had imported it as an image initially, but I must have imported it as a texture. I just re-did it and it’s working. Thanks!


Ah… Good enough.

So you’re back hard at it after Basecamp?


Sure am! Practicing what I learned!


Good for you. :slight_smile: