Pb with position (blue line)

Hello !
i’m new user on sketchup
I manage to draw my home.
Then i have imported some image (google maps view) and set up the location of my home, and I have moved my home at the right place .

i think i also move from bottom to the top (blue line) , not only from right to left (green and red lines)

i am not sure my home is on the 0 on the blue line.

How can I verify that ?

When I try to add my terrace, it s look like ok from the sky

but when i look from the side, the terrace is not on the floor !!

it(s why i thkin perhaps my home is not yet at the level 0 on the blue line ?? but perhaps this is another pb ??

car you help me please ?
i can send my sketchup projet

many thanks for you help !

From the sky : temp-terrasse-vu-d-en-haut

Yes, it would be useful if you can share your skp file. From SketchUp Free, you can download the model to your computer by clicking the folder icon at upper left and choosing download. Then you can drag-and-drop the file into a post here on the forum or use the upload button Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 1.48.03 PM to select and upload the file from your computer.

It seems likely that you have to take the terrain elevation at your site into account. You can move the model contents vertically by activating the move tool, clicking on a suitable place in the model whose height you want to adjust (if you haven’t made groups or components, you will need to select all before clicking), start the move, and then press the up arrow key to restrict the movement to the z direction.

thank you for your help slbaumgartner

here is my project (sketchup 2020) :
*essai_maison6 avec terrain.skp (8.0 MB)

what do you think about ?

Starting with your original question, if you double click on the terrace face to select it and its edges, you can then use the move tool to move it vertically down to z = 0, locking to the z direction by pressing the up arrow after starting the move or by starting and watching for the “on blue axis” inference and then pressing shift to lock that movement axis. You can inference to, for example, the bottom of a wall or to the model origin to get the desired height. The following was recorded using the desktop version, but you can do exactly the same in the Free Web version.


There are a few other issues in the model. For one, it isn’t using tags appropriately. Only groups or components should have tags assigned, all edges and faces should be untagged.

You have generally made good use of groups and components, but there are also some loose faces and edges in the model. For example, the terrace face in your question. You should make a group or component of an object as soon as you have drawn enough to capture its basic location. That will avoid any problems with things sticking together when you didn’t want them to and also makes it easier to select them as a unit to move without distorting.

You have the camera set to parallel projection. I would recommend using perspective while creating a model, both because it is more realistic and because it is less prone to clipping.

You have several terrain sources in the model, and I don’t know which you want to take as truth. But some of the buildings project below the ground surface. You might want to move them up, but because the ground slopes slightly there will always be some part that projects through or else a gap between other parts and the ground.

You also have several ground images in the model and again, I don’t know which you want to use as truth. I notice that with regard to vue_plan_cadastre the buildings are slightly shifted from what I assume are the corresponding ground footprints.

Edit: I also notice that the “pylone 20kv 3#1” object is a large distance off the ground. It probably also needs to be moved down.

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Hello slbaumgartner and thank you very much for all your advice ! Fantastic your animations :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

i have put my terrasse in a group, and in a new tags : why does the new group seems to be larger than the terrace ?

i have changed the view (perspective) : it’s easier !!
i will move down pylone after

How can I delete the terrain elevation to work easily, at the 0 elevation ? because the ground slopes slightly, it’s difficult for me, for the moment, to well undesterdand how to move ground images.

I wish to use “vue_plan_cadastre” : can you help me ? the purple lines are the theoretical location of the house . But we can see on the aerial photo the real one.
because of elevation, when I move “vue_plan_cadastre” I can be on or under the terrain :woozy_face:
It’s why I wish delete the elevation

Last question : I don’t manage to draw the paths of my garden because they are not straight lines
and also because of elevation : can you aslo help me please.

Thank you very much for the time you are going to devote to me (my sketchup projet in attachement)

essai_maison6_2020-09-13.skp (8.1 MB)

If you mean this look when you select it, that blue outline is the bounding box of the group. It is larger than the group because by default a group’s bounding box is aligned with the model’s axes, but the face in the terasse is askew to them. That can be fixed, but it won’t really harm anything.

The “Location Terrain” and “Location Snapshot” are locked. To alter them in any way, you have first to unlock them. Select one and in the entity info panel, click the little padlock icon to release the lock. Then you can move, edit, or delete the group.

You can draw curved paths either using a series of arcs created using one of the arc tools or using a series of short straight segments using the freehand tool. You will likely have to move some vertices up or down to make them lie on the correct elevation.

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