Passing the torch

After two 3D Basecamps (Palm Springs and Vancouver), two seasons of the Fireside Chat, ten trade shows, a traveling Bootcamp Roadshow, multiple design weeks, and countless smaller projects, the time has come for me to pass the torch.

Jessica Rother will now be taking my place as SketchUp’s Event Manager. She’s a total rockstar and I’m confident she will delivery exceptional results. Please give her a warm welcome when she joins the SketchUp Forum. :green_heart:

Thank you all for the fantastic memories. I’ve truly loved getting to know this community and hanging out with you all. I hope to see you around again soon. :smiley:

Signing off,
Aubree Topai
LinkedIn: Aubree Topai
Location: Denver, CO


I have to admit that, being a bit late to the game, I’ve only attended/presented at two SU 3D Basecamps…Palm Springs and Vancouver BC. For those on the forum who haven’t had the luxury of attending one of these events in person, I have to say that they’re amazing!..obviously thanks to @LadyPrism’s creativity and dedication. Thanks Aubree (again). Onward and upward.


Congratulations on many jobs well done! Vancouver was so smooth because of all of the organization and work produced in the background.