In search of Advanced higher learning conferences/courses

Hey there everyone! I am new to the community here.

My name is Connor Paschall. I am the Art Department Lead for a planning/engineering consulting firm that focuses mainly on large parks and and sports complexes.

We have been using Sketchup and Lumion for our visualizations for years and we are at a point where we want to pursue a higher level of education in regard to our workflow processes.

My company has tasked me with finding courses/conferences that will keep us on the cutting edge and possibly refine/streamline our workflow.

Does anyone have any guidance on where to start searching for higher level Sketchup/Lumion education? Or even possibly a workflow consultation company that provides education as well?

Thanks so much!


Thanks so much for the recommendation! I have heard a lot about Basecamp. I am talking with my employers this week about the importance of attending this year.

If you decide to do attend, mention the recently ended promotion. I have reason to believe that doing so will help with your costs.

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