Parts of model moved by ~0mm

Hi everyone,

So i installed a trial version for sketchup 2021 pro to finish my masters university coursework and about a week or two ago i ran into the most fustrating of senarios with my model. For some reason, parts of my large model have become manipulated so that it is less than a millimeter (~0mm) off from either a adjacent suface or endpoint. This is becoming increasingly difficult to work with as im now mostly having to deal with surfaces being deleted because i’ve erased a line but my OCD for neatness wants it gone so im sat remaking the surface until its ‘clean’.

I’ve used sketchup now for almost 8 years, this issue has come up in the past but forgot how fustrating it is, especially near a deadline. So was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how you’ve resolved it? obviously too late to fix the entire model now as my deadline is in a couple weeks, but my assumptions are that it’s caused by the ‘automatic fix problems when they are found’ and because the model size is large and reletively complex. Would share but can’t until graded.

Thank you in advance!

Go to Window/Model Info/Units and turn off length snapping.
This is known to cause tiny errors.
You may also want to increase the ‘precision’ it doesn’t make it more accurate but it shows the true sizes rather than a tilde.
Best to go to your template and turn it off and save the template.