Panoramic image as the material for the inside of a cylinder

I am trying to paint the inside of a cylinder with the projected texture from a rectangle.
The texture is a 360 panoramic image.
I have made the rectangle 16000mm wide and fit the image to that. In order for the image to wrap perfectly within the cylinder that should mean the cylinder will have a radius of 2546.48mm.

The image is applied however parts of the image are stretched.
I found this video

but that doesn’t cover 360 images.image protractor-0.1 forum.skp (2.7 MB)


You don’t want the image to be projected because that will cause it to be stretched on faces away from the face you apply it to. You also need to set the length of the texture image to match the circumference of the circle. The circle isn’t exactly 16000mm in circumference. It would be easier to draw the circle and ask SketchUp for the circumference. Then edit the length of the material to match.

You might find this thread useful … SketchUp as a hobby

Link to SketchUp applying image to a cylinder (no distortion) -

Image on cylinder

@DaveR I can’t reproduce what you have done.
I measured the circumference and adjusted the size of the rectangle and the texture to match exactly.
Then I turned off “projected” on the rectangle’s texture.
I then selected the interior face of the cylinder and opened the Materials dialog. I used the dropper to select the rectangles texture and applied it.
The result is attached.image protractor-0.1 forum.skp (2.7 MB)

I deleted the rectangle. It’s not needed for this. Then I replaced the texture on the inside of the cylinder with the default material, made sure the image length matched the circumference of the circle, selected the image from the Materials panel and clicked on the inside of the cylinder. Nothing up my sleeve, no big deal, no extensions.


Thanks for the help it’s working now.

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