Panning in layout / dimensions

Ok - this is my problem. I need to send an engineer a drawing of the rebar layout of a concrete lintel beam, 18" tall x 45’ long. We got the spacing by radaring the beam. The rebar is not spaced uniformly.

  1. Since there’s about 45 sticks of rebar, if I used the normal dimension tool, the drawing would be too cluttered. I was thinking of a single line from each bar with it’s space with the text at 90 degrees. The text tool and the dimension tools aren’t too helpful in this regard.

  2. I thought of using Layout however, because of the length of the model I need to pan back and forth in the view port, however, when I invoke the pan tool, it moves the viewport, not the model. Any way to do that?

  3. I’ve attached an example of what I am trying to do. I annotated the image in, but it looks sloppy.

Any ideas?
P.S. - the beam is actually taller - this is only the portion we are reinforcing with a steel I beam. We need to spot the bolt locations so we don’t hit buried rebar.

Panning moves the view of the entire page. It should not be moving the viewport. Do not open the viewport to access the SketchUp camera. This will just create problems for you.

Drag the edges of the viewport so you can see as much of the model as you need. Then zoom in as needed and add the dimensions.