Pan and zoom in one

Can one please simplify the navigation inside a browser (from a view only link) by allowing panning with two fingers in any other viewing mode (such as orbit). This is a well established navigation method across the industry.

Also, as well as using two fingers to zoom in/out, one should also be able to do this by double tapping and and moving the finger up or down on the screen, like google maps for instance.

The pan and zoom buttons can be removed altogether and perhaps replaced with a ‘look around’ button and a ‘teleporting’ button which would be far more useful on a mobile device.

Currently panning is only possible by tapping on the pan button and if you then want to orbit around the model then you have to select orbit again.

Many thanks

What version of SketchUp are you referring to? On what device?

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Hello, apologies for not being more specific. Thanks for the reply.

I was referring to the simplified viewer in any browser which would open up a ‘view only’ link.

Oh. OK. So the online viewer.

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I moved your thread to the Viewer category so that the appropriate folks will see it.