Pan and Orbit symmetry

Mouse weel PANS when in Orbit mode >>>WOT IF >>> mouse weel ORBITS when in Pan mode ,sub-conscious symmetry, Jon, trying, or is it the other way round,um,must go…
less journey,s to the tool-box,I consider these two tools to be the main move allingnment tools ,I tried keeping just the orbit tool in the tool bar ,yet still looked for the pan tool on occasion , then have to journey again to tool bar for orbit , so consider using one or other as left cliq pending task,
,follow this to my M-Doc wish, if I manage to post it, ( its in SketchUcation) Jon,
Don,t have keyboard -have collage A3 draughting board,

It’s really hard to make sense of your posts the way you write.

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Regarding Orbit and Pan middle mouse button alone orbits and middle mouse button + shift pans regardless of active tool. There is already a consistent behavior that expands much further than to just these two tools.

I wonder what that old sheep was doing. :smiley:


Their other post is equally illegible. All mutton aside.
No lambasting intended.


This mutton talk makes me hungry :frowning: .

Previous post ha been edited.


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