Painting Imported 3D CAD in Sketch Up

I’m trying to import a 3D CAD file into Sketch Up Pro 2019. The model imports fine, however, I cannot paint each 3D element as one piece, even after exploding the initial import. I can apply color or texture after exploding a second time, however, the resulting model is comprised of many individual surfaces, each with two sides. This makes it extremely cumbersome to apply transparent materials to the elements because even though I can easily apply the material to the outside of the box, the inner surfaces of the box still need to be painted for transparency to work. To put it another way, if I wanted to create a transparent cube, after exploding twice, I would have to paint the inside and outside of each face, in order for it to appear transparent, which would mean painting 12 surfaces for one previously solid box. I previously was using an older version of Sketch Up, and I could apply color after exploding the initial import without issue.

Wondering if I’m missing something basic here that will allow me to do that again. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.

Have you tried opening the components for editing before applying the materials to the faces?

Yes, it’s the same issue. I can paint or apply color / material to one face at a time, as opposed to the whole object.

Triple click on the component to open it and select all of the geometry. Then apply the material.

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